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As an exception, the seven-member jury of the Alter-Ciné Foundation has decided to share the 2002 Grant between two candidates :

SERGIO MORKIN, a 33 year old filmmaker from Argentina is awarded half the $10,000’s Grant for his project entitled “Oscar”. The jury underlined the originality and universality of this story, the freedom and resistance of this “artist of the street” as well as the humor and vitality that this character conveys.


This documentary tells the story of a taxi driver working in Buenos Aires who, feeling invaded by commercial advertising, decides to react in his own way. When he has no clients, “Oscar” gets out of his car and transforms billboards with his own “collages” and drawings. He has already produced more than 800 of short-lived works. This documentary portrays the struggle of a man who fights for his freedom and resists the harsh situation of today's Argentina in a creative manner.


RUTHIE SHATZ and ADI BARASH, young fimmakers from Israel, are the co-winners of the 2002 Grant for their project “Garden”. The jury underlined the importance of revealing a reality denied by Israeli society, the respect and humanity demonstrated in the treatment, the relationship of confidence which the filmmakers have built with the characters and the subtlety of the cinematographic approach.


This documentary tells the story of male teenagers working as prostitutes in a place called “ The Electricity Garden ” located in downtown Tel Aviv. The film follows the troubled lives of four teenagers from Palestinian, Israeli Arab and Jewish-Uzbek background. They have been rejected by Israeli society and are struggling to find a better future.