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Manolo Sarmiento , recipient of the Alter-Ciné Foundation grant of US $10,000
MANOLO SARMIENTO, a 39 year-old filmmaker from Ecuador, received a US $10,000 award for his project entitled “The Death of Jaime Roldos”. The six-member jury cited the originality and the importance of Sarmiento's vision. The film proposes to investigate little-known facts - many deliberately concealed - surrounding the death of Ecuador's popular president and the political and social impact on Ecuadorian society. The jury also highlighted the overall quality of the proposed cinematic treatment, in particular the strong narrative through-line provided by the personal approach of the director.


Less than two years after his election, Jaime Roldos, the President who had been responsible for the return of democracy to Ecuador in 1979, lost his life in a tragic plane crash. According to some sources, the “accident” was orchestrated by the CIA. Roldos' death had a tremendous impact on the people of Ecuador. The consequences of the tragedy have received little analysis and understanding to this day. This investigative documentary will reveal the profound sense of collective loss felt by Ecuadorians even two decades after Roldos' death.


Argentine filmmakers Virna Molina and Ernesto Ardito, recipients of the 2006 Alter-Ciné Foundation grant of US $5,000
VIRNA MOLINA and ERNESTO ARDITO, from Argentina, were awarded a US $5,000 grant for post-production on their film “Heart of Factory”. The jury underlined the social and political importance of the subject matter (the struggle for democratic unions), as well as the richness and depth of their research, the trust established with the factory workers, the strength of the individual characters, the filmmakers' ability to navigate the challenges and contradictions the workers encountered during production, and the quality of the cinematography


After the owners of the Zanon Ceramic Factory in Argentina close their doors, the workers of the factory decide to take over the running of the factory and continue to manufacture without bosses. This is a permanent challenge where every day they fight against a political and economic system that attempts to boycott them. As the film reveals, however, their biggest obstacle does not come from the outside, but from within the workers themselves as pioneers of social change. Although many of them do not know it, if they win this internal battle, they will lay the foundation for a completely different world.